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Two Sides of The Same Coin- Devin and I grew up neighborhood friends in Milton Wisconsin. Following graduation from Milton High School, I joined the trades and Devin began his college career.

After a couple of years in the trades I decided to take a couple years off to travel. Needing money to do so, I did a variety of construction and farming jobs to keep myself going. Building cabins in Alaska, pouring decorative stamped patios in Australia, farming and fixing machinery in Thailand and much more. When I returned to Wisconsin I settled in Madison. Realizing the variety of handy skills I had acquired, and the high standards of Australian construction I had grown accustomed to, I decided to start Dwelling Artistry.

During my travels, Devin was chasing his academic goals at the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse. Given his experience with Automotive coming from a long line of mechanics, Devin leveraged his experience for a shop manager position at a local construction company. Following his graduation he accepted a promotion to an estimator and project management position that he held for 3 years.

Despite his love for La Crosse, Devin grew a desire to return home, after several conversations I presented him with an opportunity to join me at Dwelling Artistry. Devin quickly accepted the offer and we have since began working hard on getting this company off the ground.

It’s our belief that our long history and complementary skill sets is what separates Dwelling Artistry from the competition.




Company Mission

We want to help clients realize and execute meaningful change in their homes with modern practices rooted in traditional craftsmanship. We strive to make improvements that stand the test of time.

Why Choose Us

Reliability, integrity and efficiency.